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About Us

Royal Art House deals in home decor and antique items. We believe in “Decorating Homes”. We provide a variety of distinct home décor items in brass, wood and ceramics. We have a growing collection of beautiful brass showpieces, deity and idols, bells, wall hangings, animal figurines, lamps (diyas) at very attractive prices for all the customers who are fond of home decor, gifting options and collectables. We are located in Andheri, Mumbai.

The soul of
unique objects

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Handmade objects made in small series and more unique

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of experience

Experience collected from the potters and art workshops

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unique objects

Creating custom designed masterpieces at your demand

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Our pottery is exhibited at galleries and private collections

What people say about our ceramics

There is so much to say about pottery. It’s not just a hobby; it’s a passion, a craft, a lifestyle. You can feel that it gives you peace and harmony.


Los Angeles

In the world of mass production all these handcrafted and unique things become even more valuable. I used Craftis objects to decorate my kitchen.